BEFORE. AFTER. I gave it a dull glance and poured it down the drain like all the befores, which will never come after. READ MORE
THE CRANKSET This bicycle crankset represents my transition to post-military life, and it’s a reminder that my experience in Afghanistan will always be part of me. READ MORE
THE CURRENCY EXCHANGE The guys loved watching me buy back all of their Canadian Tire money with U.S. dollars! READ MORE
CLOSE CALL I have never spoken about this to anyone, not even my family, in the 65 years since it happened. I’ve had bad dreams about it frequently, and the dream always ends with an explosion and sudden anxiety, which awaken me. READ MORE
FAREWELL PARTY “Never have so many fled so fast wearing so little!” Early the following morning we flew out from Kimpo Airfield, en route to Japan. Farewell Korea!” READ MORE
THE LOCKET In 1993 during the Croatian and Serbian War, there was a little known battle that is now referred to as the “Battle of the Medak Pocket”. READ MORE
THE SOMALIA POEM Here I sit and ponder in the blazing desert sun... WATCH VIDEO
WOOLEN SMILES If there was one wish I could give you in return, it would be for you all to experience not only the smile of a child, but the smile you created in the life of a soldier. In a world so consumed by hatred, there is always time to smile. READ MORE
CAN YOU SEE MY WATCH? I could just listen to the ticking and it was enough to take me away from Afghanistan . WATCH VIDEO
SAGE ADVICE My "then Warrant Officer" (command team partner) had written this letter to me after we were separated for nearly a month. Within the first month of our arrival into Ma'Sum Ghar, my troop was separated. Half of them were under my command conducting Quick Reaction Force duties while the other half was with my Warrant Officer, conducting surveillance and security duties in an area called Gorgan (approximately 25 km south of the Forward Operating Base). READ MORE
HAJI DON'T SURF The patches are ubiquitous, but seldom see the light of day up here in Kabul as they’re considered too aggressive or politically incorrect READ MORE
ATTAR A thought struck me as we left; I turned towards the Major with a parting comment: “Sir, you know the guy you threw in jail? You might want to let him out …” READ MORE
THE BOSNIAN FRIEND The Bosnian Flag was given as a special gift for the evenings I spent teaching English as a second language in Bosnia in 1994 and 1995. READ MORE
THE LETTER I got her letter this weekend, in August 2017. Mom brought it and said “Oh, and I found this. Not sure what this letter is about, I think it’s for you…” A bolt went through me. I was shaking. That letter was addressed to me 24 years ago. READ MORE
ONE IN EACH ARM We were met by an ocean of little faces, all smiling and yelling. None of us brought enough chocolate or candy to go around but gave out what we could and each of us wished we could do more”. READ MORE