My "then Warrant Officer" (command team partner) had written this letter to me after we were separated for nearly a month. Within the first month of our arrival into Ma'Sum Ghar, my troop was separated. Half of them were under my command conducting Quick Reaction Force duties while the other half was with my Warrant Officer, conducting surveillance and security duties in an area called Gorgan (approximately 25 km south of the Forward Operating Base).   In the letter, my sage fire team partner provides advice on how to manage and lead the troop in his absence, while he would be away for two weeks conducting leave upon completion of his duties in Gorgan. Understanding my propensity for wanting and volunteering to do "all" things in order to make a difference and showcase the talent of my soldiers, he provides a tactful, sound, and balanced approach to tailor my expectations. The dedication and humanity captured in the words of my Warrant Officer highlight his compassion for his subordinates, his professionalism, and respect for his superior officer.

Major John Kim Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadians)