WAR: IN PIECES is both a virtual and physical TRAVELLING gallery.

It is a growing collection of stories donated by active military personnel, veterans and their families, each told in first person and presented with a memento that symbolizes the story.
Our purpose is to provide an intimate glimpse of life through the eyes of our soldiers and their families.

Why we choose to tell these stories

Exhibits reveal the challenges and rewards of military life, how some storytellers protect themselves from the trauma of combat, the depth of the bonds that they share with their fellow soldiers, and how the experience of war forever changes the way in which each of them looks at the world. A deep breadth of emotions is expressed in these stories, including amusement, pride, despair, love, and gratitude. We hope that you relate and connect, and that these stories become embedded in your memories.

WAR: IN PIECES was conceived in 2014 by Melanie Timmons, a passionate believer in the power of stories.

Board of Directors

Melanie Timmons, President
Brian Lester
Heather Johnson
Colonel Mike Vernon
Major Kent Griffiths, M.M.M, C.D. (Ret'd)
Elizabeth (Bette) Mitchell
Karen Storwick, M.S.M.